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PranaSol Holistic Treatments were created because we believe, that the body, mind and emotions are capable of achieving great things naturally. more


At PranaSol we love Yoga. We specialise in ‘specialist’ Yoga. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to benefit from Yoga: baby, toddler, kids, teens, mummy, family … more

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At PranaSol we want to share our knowledge with you. Whether your interest is professional or personal, our workshops will ‘enhance your life’. more


You will probably want to know all about my qualifications, all the courses I have done and the academic stuff. First, I would like you to know PranaSol’s purpose. more

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Welcome to PranaSol

Welcome to PranaSol blog. I am so delighted to meet you here. My website has had a gestation period longer than that of a baby elephant! But here we are!


Weekly Reflexology during my pregnancy improved my ailments wonderfully and I have to say that Emma helped to give me a trouble and pain free pregnancy


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