You will probably want to know all about my qualifications, all the courses I have done and the academic stuff. We’ll get onto that in a minute. But first, I would like you to know PranaSol’s purpose:

To treat bodies and minds as a whole system where each part helps create a healing environment for the other. To integrate Eastern and Western practices and philosophies to provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment that is tailor made to each individual’s needs.

I look deeply into how together we can provide balance, harmony and most importantly, relaxation. When the body and mind are relaxed, balance becomes possible and that’s when the really good things start to happen.

Life-enhancing and deeply nourishing, all of PranaSol’s treatments balance energy on a physical, mental and emotional level, supporting and encouraging the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Now on to all that other stuff…

  • As an ITEC-qualified practicing holistic therapist since 2001, I specialise in Advanced Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Indian head massage, and I am also a practised Reiki Master and teacher.
  • I am the only teacher in the Balearics of the world-renowned 280-hour Rainbow Kids Yoga training, which I studied with its founder Amir Gopala Yaffe.
  • As a specialist Yoga Teacher, I ‘guide’ Yoga classes for Kids, Pregnant Mamas, Mummies & Babies and Families as well as workshops, private and group sessions, since qualifying in 2012.
  • I have created PranaSol Kids Aqua Yoga, which is particularly suited to Balearic summer time.
  • I am also a qualified 200-hour Sivananda style Hatha Yoga teacher specialising in overcoming stress by using the body and breath to enhance relaxation and return balance.
  • PranaSol Yoga classes often incorporate holistic therapies to enhance and share extra relaxation with take-home techniques so that relaxation and healing can be continued at home.
  • In 2018 I qualified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher from RaMa Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology  with the late Guru Jagat, Harijiwan and Gurujas.