The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘retreat’ as:

Move back or withdraw; withdraw to a quiet or secluded place.
Late Middle English: from Old French retret (noun), retraiter (verb), from Latin retrahere ‘pull back’

Therefore to call what PranaSol offers you a ‘retreat’, would not do it justice …

PranaSol ‘retreats’ do not pull back. Quite the opposite in fact. They take you to a place where you move forwards, grow, improve and make progress. A place where you learn: how to feel better, how to heal and how to enhance your life. Supported by passionate professionals and skilled specialists. Additionally, we support and encourage you how to do this for yourself once you return to your post-PranaSol life … in your own routine/space/environment so you can continue to ‘enhance your life’. And we give you info so you have it to hand when you want a reminder.

Your thirst for knowledge will be quenched. Your body strengthened. Your mind toned and your spirit inspired. Not to mention your tastebuds satiated and your belly satisfied!

PranaSol ‘retreats’ offer a holistically prescribed combo to nurture body, mind and spirit. Our ‘retreats’ are so enriching and life-enhancing that we prefer to call them ‘advances’. PranaSol Advances©

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘advance’ as:

Move forwards in a purposeful way; make or cause to make progress:
A forward movement; a development or improvement

Middle English: from Old French avance (noun), avancer (verb), from late Latin abante ‘in front’, from ab ‘from’ + ante ‘before’.

We looking forward to welcoming you to ‘enhance your life’

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