PranaSol Holistic Treatments were born from the belief that the body, mind and emotions are capable of achieving great things … naturally. When the body is relaxed, it creates ‘space’ for transformation to happen

PranaSol Holistic Treatments show you how to create this ‘space’. Feelings of revitalisation, harmony, rejuvenation, clarity and deep relaxation are also just a few of the beneficial effects from PranaSol Holistic Treatments.

Let PranaSol show you how to ‘enhance your life’.


Reflexology is the unique ancient practice of massage and manipulation to the reflex areas of the feet. This relaxing and powerful treatment promotes self-healing to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology is administered to the feet whilst lying down on a ‘Lafuma’ specialist Reflexology chair for total comfort and relaxation. PranaSol’s Advanced Reflexology qualifications ensures each treatment is holistically tailored to satisfy your individual desires so you emerge from your treatment with invigorated body and mind, relaxed spirit and renewed clarity and of course totally blissed out feet!


Reiki is a subtle energy balancing treatment. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.

It reaches all levels of existence and strives to bring these differing levels into a state of balance, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki ultimately leaves you feeling strengthened, relaxed and harmonised emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Hands are simply placed on or over the body reconnecting you with the Universal energy that we can so easily disconnect with.

Holistic Massage

PranaSol’s Holistic Massage is the ultimate relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. PranaSol combines luxurious massage with subtle energy healing. Incorporating elements of Eastern and Western traditions including Reiki, Reflexology, Swedish, Holistic, Thai and Indian Massage your result is a deeply enriching feeling of inner peace, balance and tranquillity to the body, mind and senses so you emerge from this treatment balanced, harmonised and illuminated on all levels of being.

Thai Oil Massage

PranaSol’s Thai Oil Massage is the ultimate in luxury treatments. Thai Massage envelops your body in organic cold pressed Thai coconut oil and individually selected exquisite range of PranaSol’s Thai flower essential oils. This full body massage fuses the potency of traditional Thai massage with the decadent luxury of Thailand’s exquisite natural scents and aromas, taking your body, mind and spirit on a long luxurious Thai vacation. You emerge from PranaSol’s Thai Oil massage with your chakras balanced and your mind, body and spirit feeling like they have visited another dimension.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of head massage incorporating upper back, neck, head, scalp and the marma points of the face. Indian Head Massage promotes relaxation, clarity of thought and overall feeling of well-being to guarantee you emerge from your treatment with relaxed spirit, mental clarity, and renewed energy. PranaSol’s Indian Head Massage treatment is a seated massage treatment which also offers you an optional Facial Reflexology for enhancing your experience.

Holistic Facial

PranaSol Holistic Facial is a supremely relaxing, soothing and comforting treatment. PranaSol’s Holistic Facial focuses entirely on relieving stress by smoothing, softening and reducing tension in the facial muscles incorporating Facial Reflexology with Rose and Lavender oils to soothe the mind and revive the emotions. This gentle but effective treatment stimulates circulation to the skin, refreshes the senses and quietens the mind. Included in this treatment are Reiki, upper back, shoulders, neck and head massage to enhance your harmony.

Bespoke Massage

Your Bespoke PranaSol Treatment is tailored to your wishes: Incorporate Indian Head Massage, Holistic Facial, Reflexology, Back Massage, Thai Hand and Foot Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing as your body, mind and spirit desire. Can’t decide? Let PranaSol intuitively create exactly what you need via healing energy, united massage treatments and magnitude of opulence.