At PranaSol we love Yoga. We specialise in ‘specialist’ Yoga. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to benefit from Yoga: baby, toddler, kids, teens, mummy, family … we offer pregnancy and fertility Yoga too. Whatever your stage of life, PranaSol Yoga can ‘enhance your life’. Yoga makes you feel great … and it is good for you too (just don’t tell the Kids!).

Connect here to enquire about private classes from 1:1 to groups or pop along to our schedule for all our PranaSol workshops, classes and courses.

Kids Yoga

Yoga’s transformational benefits are very well publicised these days which is all the more reason children should be benefitting as early as possible… PranaSol Kids classes are different. This is how we roll:

We take a big bowl of exercise, mix with a bountiful spoonful of breathing, add a large scoop of imagination, pour in some creativity, add a few drops of self-awareness, blend in an adventure, fold in lots of fun, add generous dashes of sharing, then we let it chill with some meditation … and we always sprinkle it with love, and dust it with happiness.

We believe our recipe works. Ask the PranaSol Yoga Kids.

Kids Aqua Yoga

Kids Aqua Yoga is unique to PranaSol and only available in Ibiza! This amazing class has all the same health benefits of Kids Yoga but in the water! Equally beneficial for children who love the water as for those who need to build confidence in the water. PranaSol Kids Aqua Yoga’s unique proven method can help Kids overcome their water fear – forever. PranaSol Kids Aqua Yoga is health and fitness through pure fun in the water!

Mummy & Baby Yoga

Exploring their new worlds together, a beautiful class for mummy and baby to further increase their bond by gently exercising, breathing, playing, relaxing together, but most of all, bonding together. Includes Baby Massage instruction and/or Baby Reflexology instruction. Closing with Mummy and Baby guided visualisation for the ultimate relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga

PranaSol Pregnancy Yoga is designed to enhance your pregnancy by gently soothing tired muscles, toning the limbs and connecting your more with your baby. Informative tips are interwoven to assist mother (and baby) whilst gentle breathing exercises deepen and strengthen, concluding with guided visualisations for the ultimate relaxation. PranaSol combines its expert trainings from Birthlight’s Pregnancy & Wise Woman Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Reiki to enhance your beautiful journey into Motherhood. (Partners always welcome).

Family Yoga

Fun for all the family. Rainbow Kids Yoga style classes to share family time, family love and increase the family bond and connection, all whilst having fun and exercising.

Fertility Yoga

The journey to motherhood can be a challenging time for some women, and their partners too, especially emotionally. Through the power of Yoga with and positive visualisation this class supports, nourishes and helps heal to remind us that where there is love there is hope. By releasing blockages and re-empowering the results can be amazing. Reflexology and Reiki are also included in these transformational classes.

PranaSol Yoga

Private (or small group) Hatha style Yoga classes include Pranayama (Yogic breathing) for mental, physical and spiritual strength and Asanas (poses) for optimising the body’s capacity for higher possibility and guided meditation for (re)connecting with your self. Mini Reiki, Indian Head Massage or Reflexology included to enhance relaxation (and enhance your life). PranaSol’s classes are tailored to your needs (beginners to intermediate level).

Aqua Yoga for Pregnancy

Baby’s first home is surrounded by water so Aqua Yoga during pregnancy is the most natural feeling in the World. PranaSol’s Aqua Yoga is the perfect way to maintain well-being during pregnancy with water’s supportive and healing benefits, gently soothing muscles, toning limbs and combined with breathing exercises, the results are blissful. PranaSol’s specialist trainings from Sun Power Aqua Yoga and Birthlight’s Pregnancy Yoga are expertly combined to give the highest quality prenatal care so benefits continue long after leaving the pool.

Aqua Yoga for well-being

Time spent in the water returns balance to our bodies and minds. Aqua Yoga is the ideal way to exercise in Ibiza’s summer temperatures (especially so for people with health concerns, recent surgery, the mature client and those with water fear). PranaSol’s Aqua Yoga classes are tailored to specifically to your needs and are always relaxing, soothing and healing with well-being benefits that continue long after leaving the pool.