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Welcome to PranaSol blog. I am so delighted to meet you here. My website has had a gestation period longer than that of a baby elephant! But here we are!

It is my genuine wish that www.pranasol.com will serve as a tool for you, not just to show you what is offered but also to speak to you. That it will ‘enhance your life’ with the treatments, classes and workshops offered by way of holistic therapies and Yoga (for every age and stage of life), collaborations, mini-retreats and much more.

My intention is to share with you, not just my personal experience but also useful information, education, tips and titbits that will benefit you, those you love and those around you … and animals too – I LOVE furry friends (that’s why I don’t eat them). And by sharing, I mean I am always so happy to hear from you too.

So may I invite you to wander through here as you would a newly discovered boutique or old stylee bookshop (you know the ones that have a coffee shop so you can disconnect into another little World for a while!). And I hope you find inspiration … and maybe a little something to ‘enhance your life’.

Hit me up at info@pranasol.com if I can be of service. I look forward to connecting.

Love from the island
Emma xx


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